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Our Mission

The Uplifting Trans Fund directs grant funding to trans-led projects that help support and celebrate transgender, non-binary, and intersex people and communities.

We prioritize awarding projects led by/for BIPOC folks, disabled people, and others in community who experience multiple marginalizations.

Our Leadership

Trans folks supporting trans community.

Deja Lynn Alvarez

Deja Lynn Alvarez (she/her)

Board of Directors

Daniel F - headshot

Daniel Fernandez (he/él)

Board of Directors

Eli Headshot

Eli R Green (he/they)

Co-Founder & Executive Director


Kelsey Van Nice (they/them)

Co-Founder & Board of Directors

Our History

The Uplifting Trans Fund (UFT) is an expansion of The Teaching Transgender Toolkit’s 2023 Investing in Community MicroGrants program. When co-authors Dr Eli Green and Luca Maurer along with Out for Health/PPSFL published The Teaching Transgender Toolkit in 2015, they set aside 10% of the proceeds to benefit trans communities. This resulted in $15,000 of funds that were redistributed to trans-led projects in 2023. Our inaugural round of funding received 209 applications for the Investing in Community microgrants, requesting over $590,000 in funding for a wide and amazing array of projects, causes, and creativity.

At the same time we were distributing these grants in June 2023, political attacks against trans people were really starting to hit with force. In response, our cisgender colleagues, peers, and participants were asking us what they could do to better support trans community and where they could donate. In 2024, Kelsey Van Nice & Dr. Eli Green established the Uplifting Trans Fund to carry forward the work of the Investing in Community MicroGrants program.

Our Funding

10% of the proceeds from The Teaching Transgender Toolkit are directed to the Uplifting Trans Fund, as are a portion of the profits from Trans Affirming Training & Consulting, but…

The Uplifting Trans Fund is primarily supported through donations from individuals like yourself, as well as organizations that are seeking to demonstrate their commitment to trans equity. We encourage cisgender people and organizations led by cisgender people to contribute to the Uplifting Trans Fund as an act of solidarity with trans community. Learn more about becoming an organizational sponsor.